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  A formation of ufos which pulsate!  A must see! Amazing video! 5-15-2014

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                           8 - 22 - 2014 Cemetery Photo of Strand

                                           Alien Girl
                               Bodensee  Spirit

                               Girl  Spirit

                            Screaming Boy

                               Man Spirit

  Townley Hall Spirits                                                     


                                Ordsall Hall Spirits 

           Ordsall%20banner2.png   '

                                         Ghost Girls


The Afterlife

Energy, Mind, and Spirit

A Quantum Theory of Consciousness

Ghost Formation

How Do Spirits Communicate?

Highway Miracle: The Christine Skubish Story

How does a ghost manifest?

Auras and the Spirit 

The Non-Material World

Message from Beyond: Evidence of Afterlife   


Bonnie McEneaney:Visits from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11 

The Pink Lady of Greencastle

The Ghost of Jane Chrum

Lillie Leonardi: Angels Guarded Flight 93

A Link Between Ghosts and UFO's

Cemetery Photos

Photographic Evidence for the Existence of the Afterlife 

What are orbs?

Mystery Lights

Ghost Physiology

Mist Spirit  

NDE and PAST LIVES        

Michaela Roser Survives a Near Death Experience 

Signs of a Past Life

Best Evidence for Reincarnation

The Possibility of Past Lives

Past Life Memories 

UFOs    & Aliens

Jets Chasing UFO

Helicopters Chasing UFOs 

The Origin of UFOs

Alien Abduction

UFO Base S. California

USOs : Unidentified Submerged Objects 

Himalayan UFO Base

A UFO Base in Space 

Ret. Col. Says UFOs Are Real 

The UFO-Nuke connection  

UFO Seen in the Night Sky of N. California

Cylindrical UFO Videotaped By Kentucky Amateur Astronomer 

Mystery of Uralian Alien's DNA

Eisenhower Met with ETs ?

UFO Power Source

The Morphing UFO

Military Jets Chase UFO

UFO Chase

Baltic Sea UFO : What is it?

String of Pearls UFO 

Hybrids: A Cross Between Human and Aliens

Vortex Beyond

Inside the Beam 

Amazing UFO Creature


Things That Go Boom in the Night

Crop Circles: Most Remain Unexplained

Lost City of Atlantis Found in Spanish Marsh? 

Ancient Amazon Civilization Uncovered

Scottish Police Chief Wanted to Protect "Nessie"

Scientists Rebuild Iceman Genome From Hair Sample 

Scientists Discover Portal to the Afterlife

Gates of Hell Discovered 

Medieval Zombie Scare 

Statistics and the Paranormal  


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More Ghost Caps<> 

Cemetery Photos
The Grandfather Ghost
Martha of Llancaiach
The Old Man Ghost
Ghost Dog

Ghost Sisters

Ordsall Ghost Girl
Girl Ghost
Ghost Girl
Ghost Girl   

Disappearing Ghost

Mannequin Madness <>


 The Meersburg, Germany Ghosts & Spirits

                                  Click Photo   Meersburg%20image.jpg

 The Llancaiach Fawr Manor Ghosts & Spirits
                        Click Photo

  The Abandoned Hospital Ghosts & Spirits
                                     Click Photo


 The Willard Library Ghosts & Spirits

                   click Photo


          From Ordsall Hall: The Two Lovers    



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