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Alien Abduction

abductions135.jpg  Imagine waking up at night and seeing an alien being standing next to your bed staring down at you. Like any other human, you would be gripped with fear and attempt to resist this creature. You may scream during your futile attempts to escape this alien presence.

This is just the initial phase of the abduction experience. At this point the creature's intent is to gain total control of your mobility. You won't be able to move, you will be in a complete paralysis.

This may be the initial contact between humans and alien species from other worlds. And this contact seems to involve the taking of certain individuals into extraterrestrial craft where examinations and experimentations may be going on at a feverish pace. One must wonder why this is happening and what is the motivation of these creatures that engage in such acts.

There seems to be a certain sequence of events that unfolds during an abduction episode. The table below is an attempt to put those sequence of events in an easy to read format:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Paralysis - The human subject is unable to move as though stunned. A type of wand pointed in the direction of the subject may be a device which is used to paralyze the body's muscular system.
Levitation - Once the human subject is paralyzed, the body is raised up or levitated, and then rotated into its vertical axis.  This feels a little like floating or flying to the one experiencing this.
Movement- The human subject is moved forward with the body in this raised or levitated position. Movement is often directly through walls or roof of the dwelling to outside.
Transit- Movement continues horizontally toward some point where it stops. This may be above a tall tree. The alien beings and human subject will then hover here for a minute, then movement will be upwards.
Arrival-Movement is directly upwards toward a hovering ufo. Humans and alien beings both enter the ufo craft by going right through its hull and then moving upwards within a vertical shaft.
Inside the ufo- Many descriptions are given of the interior of ufos. Many of the rooms are described as circular, crescent shaped, or semi-circular. The rooms are white or muted colors that have no light source. Often the craft contains examination rooms where the human subjects are taken.
Return- When the examination is completed, the alien beings escort the human subject back to the central area of the ufo craft where there is a raised platform. Once on the platform, an energy beam envelops the subject, transferring movement downwards directly through the vertical shaft and then through the bottom hull. Once outside the ufo, the downward motion continues back to the hover point, where horizontal movement toward the subject's dwelling  brings the experience to an end.

The question always arises as to why these alien creatures are taking humans aboard their vessels and conducting experiments on them. They are taking tissue samples, extracting hair, and genetic material from those they take. Is their purpose beneficial to themselves only or for humanity as well? They have not as of yet revealed their intended purpose to us so for now we can only speculate.

 Since their primary objective seems to be the extraction of genetic material it can be safely assumed that they are conducting experiments called bio-engineering. In other words, they are creating new life. If they are creating new life forms, then they might be working to place life on other suitable planets. Now if this be the case, then life continues elsewhere. It does not end here......

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