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The Barbell UFO                     

The Barbell UFO - I took this picture in April of 2004.                                                

To view the report at UFO Casebook on the barbell UFO CLICK HERE

The Barbell UFO - Large Image

                                        copy of DSCN0416.JPG

                                                       Original Photo                                               Auto-Enhanced
                                        copy 2 of DSCN0412.JPG               Copy 4 of DSCN.JPG

                                               Copy 5 of DSCN0412.JPG<~x3

Through some great technology the photo was enhanced to give a clearer picture of the Barbell UFO. A lot of the cameras and equipment that you would use to take these pictures and later enhance them are somewhat inexpensive. But for the really hightech tools and equipment finance and purchase can be a bit steep. The difference in quality is hardly noticeable with your results of UFO's no matter which equipment you are using. 



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