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Screaming Boy         Ghost Girl                   Meersburg Ghost             Old Man Spirit              The King
                                                                                                                             Ghost Stories                                                           

                                                     Highway Miracle - The Christine Skubish Story
                                                                Thai Tsunami Ghost Sightings 

The Lizzy Borden Story

Ghostly Voices at the Cannery

Haunted Battlefields       

                             Great Lakes Ghost Stories

                         Ghosts of Gettysburg Battlefield

                       The Legend of the Flying Dutchman

                           The Driskill Hotel - Austin, Tx

                         Abandoned and Haunted School



                          Ghosts of the White House                                                                          

                          The Ghost of Jane Churm

                           The Plains Hotel Hauntings 

                            The National Hotel Hauntings

                                 The White Horse

                           A Lady Ghost on Railroad Tracks

                                 The Moonville Tunnel

                             A Ghost Girl Spooks Drivers

                               Haunted Castles of England

                                  The Haunted Queen Mary

                                        The Whaley House


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