Ghosts and UFO's

The possibility exists  that ghosts and UFO's are related phenomenon. There are certain elements characteristic of both that suggest that there may be some common ground worth considering.

1. UFO's and ghosts both have been noted to appear out of nowhere, and then suddenly disappear.

2. UFO's and ghosts seem to have a matrix of energy surrounding the area where they are present.

3. Spatial distortion may occur near the ghost or UFO.

This raises the question - Is there a common source of energy that constitutes the mainframe of both the UFO and ghost phenomenon? What might this shared energy source be?
I am sure you could find plenty of blog hosting sites that have their own opinions on this topic one way or the other, but the views expressed on this page are my own and not meant to discredit or validate anyone else's.

I am becoming convinced from observational clues that spirits and UFO's are able harness a transcendental energy through the time/space continuum.  UFO's and spirits seem to come from some other realm of existence, and are able to transcend the time/space continuum. Their energy may enter our space/time continuum from an extradimensional source. When this occurs, the spirit or UFO is within an area of space/time distortion, and will manifest within a pocket of energy. . . .

Do UFO's, spirits, and otherworldly beings utilize an energy vortex field as a means of travel? If there are stratified levels of existence,  then perhaps these beings and/or their vehicles are crossing between their dimension into ours. This energy vortex may consist of a interdimensional portal. This interdimensional portal becomes like a super highway, the crossroads of the universe, where energy is transmitted almost instantly between two distant points. This may be accomplished through the warping of space/time via some form of high energy transmission.

A vortex field may be the preferred means of transit for ufos, spirits, and other celestrial beings. Entering the portal into the vortex field would likely transform all matter into streaming energy, and at this higher state of being, transferrence to other levels of existence would likely be instantaneous.

 The vortex principle is something our military and secret levels of the government are interested in and experimental programs are now at the develpmental and testing phase. This may explain some of the recent rash of triangular ufo reports. Test vehicles generally have a triangular design. The interesting thing here is that this system operates via a magnetic vortex field.

The vortex field probably is the force that streams between the various stratified levels of existence, that connects what is to what lies beyond. This field of transcendental energy is where all things paranormal begin and regenerate.


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