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How Do Spirits Communicate?

Do spirits interact with one another and with us? Are they able to communicatae their wishes, or other information?

I believe that they are able to communicate amongst themselves and with us when they want. However, I do notice that many spirits prefer to remain on their own in isolation. However, other spirits do have the need to send messages and seem to have high emotional energy, sometimes grief or some inherent need to fullfill some task before they can move on.  These are the spirits that may chose to stay in order to comfort a loved one left behind.

There are many written accounts from persons whom claim to have heard the voice of a departed loved one. Often the voice of the departed will come with comforting words, such as words of encouragement. This will help the bereaved one to feel comfort and give strenght and emotional healing. Voices from the dead are not an uncommon experience and occur in cultures throughout the world all through the ages.

These spirits desire to convey to us something important, and they initiate this interaction. They seem to stay in close proximity to their loved ones.   It may be that in the spirit realm, communication does not need to take place face to face, and the facial expressions that we respond to in our everyday existence is unimportant to spirits. They probably communicate telepathically. So the voice from the dead often is heard in the mind, it is not an audible voice that anyone else hears, only the one for whom the spoken message is intended. Also, many have reported hearing the voice of a departed loved one in a dream. The departed is seen in the dream as they were in life, and the spirit may shout out the bereaved's name and then there is a long embrace, where the spirit may speak a message of comfort. After the embrace, the departed will say that he/she must leave.

 What happens in the spirit realm as far as communication? Many spirits will seek the companionship of other spirits of like interests or experiences. They may have been childhood friends, or experienced a common calamity. Sometimes these spirits may become so strongly linked that they are inseparable. It is as though their energy merges into one. As previously stated, communication probably takes place telepathically.

If spirits are able to communicate with us and amongst themselves, this indicates that the intellect remains intact after physical death. Memory and intellect is inherent within a soul that superceeds the body.  Communication is possible within the spiritual ream, and can break through into our everyday lives at certain times.

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