Mystery Portals
In this cap that I made from the Ordsall Hall Ghost Cam I see a girl with very long hair, parted to the side, and she is wearing a 'V" neck dress. She is, however, a very different kind of girl. She has very almond shaped eyes and is very fairyesque. She resembles some fairybook magical creature, like an elf girl or perhaps a woodland sprite.

Perhaps she is a hybrid, a mix of human and alien genes. This could go a long way towards explaining the fables of elves and fairies, perhaps they do exist in alta dimensions, and do appear here on Earth occasionally.

Yes she does seem very different somehow, this makes me wonder about all of the folklores about faries and elves that originated in Europe. Could such a race actually exist in some other dimensional domain?  Suppose they do exist in another dimension, and they have appeared to humans over time. Think of the possibility of hybrid races, the mixing of humans with extraterrestrial races. Her almond shaped eyes are indeed a trait of one or more alien races that have been described by abductees.  Could it be that she ( and elves, fairies. and other mythological creatures ) are a mix of alien and human genes?  This would not be the first time that a myth turned out to be a startling reality.

Certainly a magical creature, she must have some purpose to come to Ordsall.  I am sensing a calming, peaceful demeanor to her, she possesses the power of healing.

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