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Inside the Beam

Ufo's appear to be able to control energy in forms that are not well understood in our time. One type of energy that is often observed is an intense beam of light which is emitted from a ufo. The purpose of these beams is still a mystery. One might venture to guess that they
are used for scanning purposes, or perhaps as a means to tap sources of energy that are deep within the earth itself in quartz veins.

Recently a man on a walk in rural Pennsylvania encountered a ufo in the woods that was pulsating brilliant red and white colored lights. As he watched in disbelief, the ufo emitted a beam of light that he described as being " a very intense brilliant blue-white light that was emitted from the bottom of the object". This light beam went from the ufo all the way to the ground. He describes it as such: " This beam did not diffuse with distance, but was a tight, bright beam from top to bottom." ( source: NUFORC and Ufo Casebook May 2002 ) ( see source: to see this article click HERE )

There is another account that occured in the early 1980's made by four boys from Vancouver, B.C.  These boys recalled an encounter with a ufo as they walked along a road near their subdivision. This ufo was also flashing multi-colored lights and was moving slowly above the tree line of a wooded area. Suddenly, a blue beam shot from the ufo and went directly between two of the boys. All four boys dove for cover into a nearby ditch until the ufo left.  ( see source: to see this article click HERE )

A light beam is also often reported to be involved during possible alien abduction of humans. The case of the four young men in 1976 who found themselves face to face with a radiant ufo while on a canoeing trip on the Allagash river in Northern Maine is a clear example of this. The men saw a blueish beam of light that came from the ufo and hit the water close to the canoe. The light beam appeared to be hollow. The events which happened after the beam hit them is not a clear picture, but it is evident that the men were stunned. Were they taken aboard the ufo, transported there by this beam of light energy? ( see source: Ray Fowler's article: Allagash - to see the article excerpt click HERE  )

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What is it like inside the beam? Total weightlessness ?  A magnet pulling forward and upwards ?  All around swirling  energy glittering like billions of stars? The transformation of matter into an energy state?

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