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  The UFO Chase
  April 13th, 2007
                          Photo A: Jet chem trails crisscrossing the sky, UFO within imposed box area
There was a heavy concentration of chem traiils in the sky today over my location in Northern California ( south of Stockton in the Central Valley ). I noted at around 11:45 am, just before noon, the sky was peppered with a checkerboard pattern from all of the chem-trails running east-west and north-south. I went into the house a got my camera and started taking pictures towards the direction of the higest concentration of chem trails.
My daughter was outside with me at the time, and she reported that there was a brilliant flash over in the same direction where I was shooting. I suspected that the jets were closing in on a UFO. When I examined the photos that I had taken, a dark object was in one of them, right in the middle of all of the action! This object is not in the photos that I took immediatly before and after that shot. It looks like it is a cylinder shapped object like that of an umbrella base or possibly triangular shapped. 

Note: There have been several days here where we've had this type of abnormally high density of military jet activity. I suspect that there is something going on in the skies that the general public is not supposed to know about.
Date of Event: April 13, 2007
Conditions: Warm, generally clear skies, gentle breeze.
Time: 11:45am to 12:00pm
Position of object and jets: Directly west of my location
Distance of Object: Estimated - one mile
R. David Anderson
                                   B:   Enlarged box area from above photo, showing UFO



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