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The Non-Material World

A ghost may appear wearing everyday items, like clothing, shoes, jewelry and hair clips.... I think that this makes a statement about a particular ghost, as to what mattered most in their lives as far as personal appearance. And it is interesting how they can come to us through the dimensional portal with these tokens of adornment intact. This just makes me wonder how? How are they able to accomplish this?

More than anything else, this shows us that the spirit possesses a personal will and free expression, to show themselves as expressive beings with keen intellect.

There is a ghost in the caps featured below. ( I took this cap from the Ordsall Hall ghost cams, Salford, England )  It is the ghost of a young girl, and she is wearing earrings. She choses to appear to us in a way that suits her personal taste which she had when still in her physical form. Now she is a spirit, and she appears to us looking much as she did in life, with her earrings glittering.

Since an earring is made of metal in it's natural state, it is my conclusion that it became translated into an elevated state of supra-existence, or higher energy, thus the same energy signature as the spirit. This demonstrates that any earthly form can become copied, or translated, into the spiritual state of being. This means that existence is not limited to the physical world. It goes far beyond. This indicates that beings and entire worlds may exist at the spiritual plane. 

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The Girl with an Earring-------------------------------Close up View-------------Close Up View of Earring


Girl with a hair clip in her hair------------------------------------------------------------------------------Close Up of Hair Clip

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