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Old John Muir School

One of the enduring legends of Modesto is the sound of children in the old John Muir School on Morris Avenue. For 50 years, it’s been the Morris building or Morris Youth Center. The former school was badly damaged by a fire Oct. 14.

As the story goes, city workers in the basement often would hear the voices and thundering feet of children being let out of school between 2:30 and 3 p.m. daily. The workers would fly up the steps, go onto the main floor and find no one.

One city worker who used to work at the Morris building admitted that was her experience, but she refused to allow her name to be used. She was afraid she might be branded a kook.

Several children haunting an old school? Were there actually several ghost children present at the school, or was something else happening here?

This appears to be a sound vibration of an event that has become etched in time, so that it is replayed over and over. I think that this phenomenon is related to spirit activity and high emf emmissions. An event that occurred in the past has been transmitted through time into the future. Perhaps this event was something held dear to some spiritual entity, in this case perhaps a young child who once attended the school and died suddenly.

The feeling of freedom when school is out, children racing for the door, smiles on their faces, and the excitement and energy that fills the classroom as children are dismissed for the day, is something we are all familiar with. Such energy trapped in time indefinitly, to become replayed over and over, now ingrained in the old walls of the school.

Sometimes, it seems , we can hear the sounds of the past. Like a picture, a recording, a movie, the past has become a part of our present experience, and leaves its imprint our our consciousness.

Citation of Source: Modesto Bee

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