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What are orbs? Where do they come from? In the picture above the orb seems to be touching the young lady's head. Do certain people attract orbs, or is the orb a part of their own energy projections? Could it be that the orbs feed off of our energy? In  another picture that I took prior to this one, the orb appeared smaller and weaker. Has the orb gained strenght after latching on to the girl's head?


  Debra Ann of Chicago took this photo in the abandoned Lincoln Theater in Decater, Illinois

Claudia from Holland sent me these pictures of an orb that she says landed on her in a pub. Here is her account.

 Hi R.David,

Here it is, as promised, the orb from the pub that sent a chill down my spine in a very warm room...
The two photographs were taken with only seconds in between them. There is an orb hanging in the air in the first photo, and in the second it's in my hair. When I look closely at the orb, it has the same structure in both of the  photographs      (that's why I think it has travelled from the ceiling to my hair, a dust flare would not travel this directly but float around more) and there seems to be a face in there too. It looks as if it's in agony I believe.... I don't know why it landed on me. There are many more orbs in the photo's.  I also made some close ups and all I did was add some light and contrast.           Here are the pictures showing the orb latching onto Claudia: plus two close up views 

       clb1.jpg     clb2.jpg      clb3.jpg

Photo Below: This photo was taken by the North Carolina Research Project field team. It was featured at Filer's Files #41, October 5, 2005. (Filer's Files is copyrighted 2005 by George A. Filer )The photo commentary :
Filer's Files #41 -- 2

"There was continuing orb activity in central North Carolina on September 22, 2005. The Carolina Group Research Project field team again photographed orb images. Photographs taken around power lines once again suggest that orbs are attracted to them. Some of these orb  photos as well as lights, and UFOs are available in a free CD by obtaining a subscription to these files. Thanks to Alan Caviness"



                     Orbs at Ordsall Hall, Salford, England ( thanks to Debbie of Salford )

           More orbs from Ordsall Hall
           Thanks to Mark Jones of Ordsall Forum



                           An orb from a
monastary , sent in by Claudia from Holland.

                                                  Enlarged and tone adjustment