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The UFO Base - Where are they:  ( see the article below the pictures )   
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I took the picture above on the night of June 23, 2004. The sun had set an hour earlier.

The object is reflecting sunlight only on it's west facing side. This indicates that it is up very high, probably in space. Note the stark contrast between the illuminated side and the dark side. This type of contrast between light and dark is typical of how the sun's rays strike an object in space. The side away from the sun is totally black, while the side facing the sun is brilliantly illuminated. This is exactly the way this object in the picture appears.

The size of this object would be enormous if it is actually in space above the Earth. It could be the size of a football stadium, or perhaps it could even contain a medium sized city. Could this possibly be a ufo base?

A ufo base in outer space could serve a multitude of functions. Perhaps it would serve as a habitat for those intelligent beings that constructed it and as a logistic center for their activities on Earth. Of course this opens a barrage of questions like:  Who are these beings that constructed and operate such a base?  What is their purpose here? 

A ufo space base is a possibility. It is also possible that these bases exist on the Earth, on the Moon, Mars, and on the moons of other planets in the Solar System. I know that the evidence is not conclusive here. But there are some clues that indicate that structures are on the surface of Mars, and that mining has taken place on the surfaces of other celestial bodies in the Solar System. These pictures sent back to NASA are open to interpretation.

To my knowledge, the picture above is one of the best examples of visual evidence that these ufo bases exist. This photo reveals a structure which has two vertical cylindrical sections that are connected by what appears to be a arched armature. This design gives the impression that one cylindrical section revolves around the other.

One might only imagine what is inside this structure. Its exterior surfaces do not give much of a hint about what is inside. If it does function as a ufo base then much of the interior space would be allocated to the housing and maintenance of ufo craft. If this base is home to an entire fleet of ufo craft, then docking facilities would be required within the station. An entire level of this station could be devoted to docking space, where ufo craft are stored and maintained.

A space station/base of this size would require an extensive staff of commanders, dedicated workers, and specialists to keep the place tidy and fully operational .The base could be organized like a bee hive, with all positions having duties that are performed on a rigid routine. This of course depends on what type of creatures reside in this base. If they have human characteristics they may be more flexible.

The center of activity would be the control room, where the navigation and defense systems are. On other levels of the station there would be the power systems area , receiving, research pods, and facilities for basic comfort.

A large proportion of the interior space would be classified as habitable quarters. These sections may even be established biosphere's, with trees and vegetation. This section of the base would simulate a planet's surface in minute detail.  A bio-habitat inside a ufo base/station could explain the immense proportions of this place. Bio-habitats require a lot of room for landscape that is realistic.

Are there creatures that are superior to us technologically living in artificial environments within our Solar System?  Do such bases exist beneath the Earth, out in space, or on other worlds in our own backyard?  The ufo reports continue to rise. This points to the possibility that there are many, many, ufos stationed within the vicinity of our Earth.    
If UFOs are stationed at large complexes like UFO bases, then this could explain the innumerable UFOs traveling throughout the solar system and navigating the skies of Earth as well. The evidence that UFOs are present in great numbers continues to increase. If UFO bases exist as I have assumed, then that could account for the literally thousands of UFO reports worldwide. Are these UFOs based close by, or do they arrive here "en masse" from some remote star? I favor the first scenario. The UFO presence is too effervescent in our time.

This is not to say that the UFOs and the aliens that control them are not from other star systems. The aliens are most likely from other stars, only they have established a presence here on our Earth by constructing enormous UFO bases where they may reside in a home away from home. 

Our Solar System may have been colonized eons ago by alien races from other star systems. Their colonies may possibly exist on asteroids, and many of the moons of the outer planets would be suitable for such colonization. These bases probably would be deep within the crust of these neighboring worlds. Hundreds of UFOs could be stationed at these bases.

Many UFOlogists have postulated that these bases are real, and many of these are subterranean or under the world's oceans. The purpose of the ufo bases could include a mission which involves the Earth and its inhabitants.

Since ancient times accounts of exotic places that are within the Earth have been handed down as oral tradition. There are discussions of ancient races and non - human creatures that inhabit the underworld domains. According to Socrates, there are wide vistas of open terrain within the Earth itself where exotic plants and creatures reside. Many Native American peoples believed in a subterranean world. The Hopis believe that they emerged from a world below the Earth through a tunnel at the base of the San Francisco peaks near Flagstaff, Az. ( Cosmic Top Secret:  William H. Hamilton III )

Nobody knows for certain why these alien bases have been established on and near our world. But if these alien bases do exist, then they are well hidden from human eyes. It is possible that the bases are either interdimensional or cloaked in a way that makes them impossible to detect. Some even believe that the military knows about these bases and is cooperating with these alien races. ( see Area 51 Central )

One day, as humans develop advancements in space technology, we will likely establish bases on the surface of other worlds or place them in orbit above these planets. Bases and space stations are necessary in order to establish a presence within the new environment and to facilitate scientific research. With the International Space Station operating in orbit above the Earth, the next step in exploration will be to build a Moon base, then a base at Mars, and eventually throughout the Solar System.

Such a system of bases constructed by humanity is a possible scenario of our future and may indeed become a reality once we develop better technologies.  And one day we will likely become aware that we are well behind in the space race, and that other beings, human and non-human alike, have been there before us, constructing extensive systems of UFO bases.




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