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This is towneley hall in Burnley, Lancashire, England.  Home of the Towneley family for 500 years, it is now open to the public and the building is used as a museum. The museum has a lot of great displays about local history. There are also some golf courses as well as an art gallery on the same grounds as the hall.
Is this historical building also the home of spirits? Perhaps these spirits peer out the windows at the visitors down in the courtyards. In the photographs below, there appears to be spirits looking out the windows, one is of a little crying girl, the other of a grim faced man.

These photos were taken by Spooky and posted at the Ordsall Hall forum and are used with his permission.

                                                                                           Towneley Hall

                                                  The back of Towneley Hall, where these photos (below) were taken by Spooky

                                                                                The Photos : Grim Faced Man in the Window

                                                                                             Zoom View of Grim Faced Man


                                                                                             Next : The Crying Child


                                                                                Zoom View of Crying Child


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