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        On a warm autumn afternoon in October 2003, I saw something that I will never forget. I heard a whistling noise above me as I stood on a ladder working on the roof of the house.  I looked up and saw this creature racing through the sky not more than 30 feet directly above me. It was very long and appeared to have appendages streaming alongside, and these appendages were spear shaped. These appendages were connected to the creature’s main body by cords. The main body of this “creature” was long and very thin, almost like a membrane. It was completely black, and I had the distinct impression that this was an intelligent creature, not a craft. As it moved swiftly through the air, it did not move any of its body parts. It was static, no flapping wings or anything like that. How this creature was able to move effortlessly through the air I do not know. As it went overhead, I could hear a swishing sound.

       The lenght of the main body was about 12 feet, and with the appendages and cords an overall lenght around 20 feet. It was daylight and the sky was crystal blue when I saw the creature. The creature's color was totally black, almost like polished obsidian..

        It did not in any way resemble a known Earth born creature, but that is not to say that it could not have originated here. Or, maybe these creatures were brought here by UFOs and are somehow connected to them.. If you think of how we humans keep pets for companions, it would not be unreasonable to accept that other intellegent creatures, namely the operators of the UFOs, would also keep animals from their home world as pets or service animals. These creatures may serve the UFO occupants in some capacity, like scouting out ground activity, or echo location, or perhaps to sense out energy signatures
 After this experience I have concluded that a few UFOs ( not all by any means! ) may be intelligent creatures.


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