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USO's ( Unidentified Submersible Objects )

Underwater Ancient City

Speaking with a dozen boat captains and fishermen from Marathon in the Florida Keys they claim to have seen flying objects entering and leaving the Caribbean Sea not far from Cuba. This is not far from deep ocean waters off the Guanahacabibes Peninsula on Cuba's western tip.

X is location of underwater ruins.

In May of 2001, an amazing discovery was made by Advanced Digital Communications (ADC), a Canadian company that was mapping the ocean bottom of Cuba's territorial waters. Sonar readings revealed 2,200 feet down stones laid out in a geometric pattern that looked very much like the ruins of a city. A team of Canadian and Cuban researchers have discovered the remains of what may be an ancient city. Using sophisticated sonar and videotape equipment, offshore engineer Paulina Zelitsky, her husband, Paul Weinzweig, found megaliths "of a kind you'd find at Stonehenge or at Chicken Itza in Mexico."

CubaUnderwater.jpgThey show very distinct shapes and symmetrical designs of a non-natural kind. The precise age of the underwater site is also unknown, although Cuban archeologists in 1966 excavated a land-based megalithic structure on the western coast, close to the new underwater discovery, said to date from 4000 BC. "Based on geological information, we're speculating that these structures are at least 6 to 10,000 years old”, older than Samaria, and Egyptian Pyramids. An underwater pyramid was measured at 115 feet high. History Channel has made an update that includes Linda Moulton Howe. There is evidence that a gigantic upheaval occurred on Earth some 8,000 years ago, giant floods covered much of the earth, millions of animals, and people were killed. The flood raised land thousands of feet into the air along the South American coast and sunk other areas like this area off Cuba.

Note: Ponce De Leon discovered what is now called Key West the furthest southern part of the continental US, he named it the Island of Bones due to the fact it had thousands of bones. Tons of bones have been found grouped together miles inland in Asia, South America and various places around world, suggesting giant waves had carried remains inland. This was coupled with sudden freezing temperatures that wiped out whole species of animals such as Mammoths. Speculation is that a giant blast from space hit the Earth effecting its rotation and tilt. This sudden upheaval seemed to greatly affect the Earth’s tectonic plates moving the Earth’s upper crust. UFOs are often seen where the tectonic plates converge and move together, resulting in an oceanic plate descending beneath an overriding plate. This movement results in earthquakes and tsunamis where numerous UFOs are observed. Frankly, they seem very concerned about the rather fragile earth’s crust.

Shuttle Films UFOs Diving into Caribbean Sea

NASA shuttle was looking east, when three lights flew across Gulf of Mexico from the north. Jeff Challender writes, "On Discovery's STS-116, twelfth day in orbit, December 21, 2006, she made a pass over the central United States, then out over the Atlantic Ocean near local midnight." We were treated by the INCO to a now rare block of video downlink from Shuttle's low-light black and white payload bay camera.

As the Shuttle progressed southward, with the camera pointing west across Florida and Cuba to the Gulf of Mexico four luminous objects appeared. These were seen against the face of Earth, and were also moving to the south at great speed. In fact, their speed was quite close to the 14,000 mph of Discovery. The objects were flying in a loose formation, and shifting position relative to each other as they went. What happened next is one of the most shocking events I've ever seen in downlink video from space.

STS-116 Astronauts Crew

8sts116insigniaThree of the four anomalies dove into the ocean west of Havana, Cuba! Ships at sea, and airplanes no matter how well lit, are never visible day or night from the altitude of Shuttle and ISS orbit. They are simply too far away. They are not visible from 220 miles (350 km) and none of them are capable of reaching anything close to the speed of the objects in this incident. There is no certainty that the objects actually entered the water, but it appears they did. This possibility is backed by fisherman who fish in the general area.

There is no hint of cloud cover in the area so it unlikely the UFOs entered clouds rather than the Caribbean Sea. It still proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that at least three of the four objects were truly at near sea level relative to the Shuttle orbiting at 220+ miles (350+ km) in space. Thanks to the late Jeff Challender.

More than 50 percent of the UFO sightings have occurred over/coming from/or plunging into and-or coming out of water. This includes not just oceans…but seas, lakes, and reservoirs. Of the oceanic USOs…or Unidentified Submersible Objects…which are really UFOs which also navigate well in Water…one was tracked by the U.S. Navy near Puerto Rico in 1963.

Many of these objects have been tracked around Puerto Rican ‘Waters’ for years now. On one training maneuver…a sonar operator detected a sub aqueous object traveling at over 150 knots.

The technicians tracked this object for four days and it also was able to maneuver down to an incredible depth of 27,000 feet. Submarines circa 1963 were not capable of diving further than a fraction of a mile into the ocean

The USS Franklin Delanore Roosevelt aircraft carrier was the first naval ship to carry nuclear weapons . For this reason, many say the USS FDR was also a magnet for USO sightings. With multiple sightings and multiple reliable eye witnesses…these cases become hard to debunk. So they are not.

Sept 20 1952 ‘Operation Mainbrace’
A multinational force made up of US & British naval ships. USO approach the FDR and are witnessed by many people. Apparently a British ship had a close encounter as well.

Sept 20 1952 7:30pm
3 Danish officers participating in the multinational exercises observe a USO approach their ship. It hovers awhile then disappears. 24hrs later 6 British officers see them emerge from the water and head towards their ship

An oceanic UFO (some term them USOs or Unidentified Submersible Objects) was tracked by the U.S. Navy near Puerto Rico. On a training maneuver, a sonar operator detected a sub aqueous object traveling at over 150 knots. The technicians tracked this object for four days and it maneuvered down to the incredible depth of 27,000 feet. Submarines of 1963 could not dive further than a fraction over a mile into the ocean deeps.

Oct 2 1963 - Radar Operator on the FDR
Off the coast of Sardinia, radar operator Jordan noticed a blip on his radar screen. It moved across his screen at altitudes and faster then anything he had seen before. It approached the FDR slowed, then just disappeared. He was never able to tell if the craft went into the water or not.

Rumor has it…’Conclusively’ according to Dr. Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project…that President Dwight David Eisenhower may have even been present on the FDR during one of these USO events.

USOs--Underwater Submerged Objects--UFOs that have reportedly been witnessed going into and out of Earth's oceans.

There is a 'HISTORY CHANNEL' show which features a dive into the Santa Catalina Channel near Los Angeles to search for trace evidence of a 1992 USO event--a detailed account of the USS FDR, a magnet for USO and UFOs from the early 1950s until its decommissioning in the 1970s, with at least eight major sightings.

Australia's famous Tully Water-Crop Circle Case is explored, as well as many other astounding and recent USO cases from the US and the world. Interviews include USS FDR veterans Chet Gruisinsky and Harry Jordan, USO researcher Dr. Stephen Greer, and Australian UFO expert Bill Chaulker.

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