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Ufo Power Source

 UFOs undoubtedly harnass tremendous amounts of energy. The power source of ufos can only be speculated upon from eyewitness accounts of close encounters with these craft and the effects these craft have had on  areas nearby.

 It seems that ufos are powered by a source of energy that is highly radiant and almost plasmic in nature. A plasma is a collection of charged particles that contains equal numbers of + ions and electrons. Plasmas also have some properties of a gas yet differ from gas in that it is an excellent conductor of electricity and it is also influenced by magnetic fields.

The propulsion systems of ufos have been documented to have an effect on power, whether that be a car's engine or the power grid of an entire community. This effect may be directly related to the type of energy which the ufos are "pulsating" . It seems apparent that ufos produce an intense magnetic field around them , almost a " bubble of energy" which keeps the ufo aloft.

The ability to levitate above the ground seems to be an easy feat for ufos. In order for humans to get off the ground we had to make aircraft with wings which require the lift provided by air as it passes under the wing's surface. A ufo is able to levitate by employing some other energy source. This force may indeed be related to magnetic field generation produced through  plasmic interactions within electrical charges. There also seems to be a connection between a ufos luminosity to its energy systems. Yet some UFOs navigate our skies in complete darkness. The true source of a ufo's power still remains a mystery, and as to why some ufos are intensly luminous while others are not only adds to this puzzle.  ( see related material at this link) :
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