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Do spirits project their energy through the time/space continuum.? This would imply that spirits can move backwards and forwards in space/time, and are in a sense not bound by the same laws which govern our space/time.  Spirits seem to be able to move at will to wherever they wish to travel, and to be able to move through solids as though they exist at some other energy state.

I think that when we die, we are able to partake of a stream of energy that emanates from beyond our space/time continuum. This gives the soul certain abilities to travel vast distances in a micro-second, to go through walls, and to project itself forward or backwards in time. If the soul exists, as many believe, then it is capable of defying the laws of nature.

Once a spirit arrives in our space/time continuum, how does it use its residual energy to manifest itself? . The figure of a ghost often seems  to form suddenly and out of nowhere. EMF meters have been used to detect a spike in electro-magnetic energy in the presence of spirit activity. It is possible that there is an energy field which surrounds the spirit, and within this energy field all the potentialities of the spirit reside. Therefore from this energy field the spirit is able to manifest a complete apparition of the former self, complete in every way.

Ghost formantion is not always easy to detect. It may show up as a distorted area in a photo or video This area of distortion  may be caused by the energy that enters our space/time continuum from an extradimensional source. The spirit  is within this area of distortion, and will manifest within this pocket of energy. . .

In the photo below,  two spirits appear in the area that I have squared off.  A girl is standing on the left side, and an old man is towards the right.  The energy field that peaks at the moment of their formation is seen in both contrasting images. On the left side, this energy manifests as the apparitions within the field. In the right image, which was taken only minutes later in the exact same location, the ghostly forms have almost completely vanished.  However, the surrounding area where the spirits were formed has become "misty" with an almost white hue.  I recall that during a close encounter with a ghost in 1998, I saw the spirit clearly for about 20 seconds, but when it disappeared, the only thing that remained was mist.



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