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Auras and Spirit

It would be interesting if we appeared as auric fields or energy fields to the spirits. I wonder if they perceive us like that. Perception varies depending on what you are or have become. An insect will perceive the world in a different way than we do, simply becuase their eyes are structured differently.

I have read reports made by those persons who have had the near death experience, and they all seem to indicate that they are able to perceive their immediate surroundings as it was previously. They had a different perspective, in that they saw everything from up above, as though their soul had been uplifted to a position above the hospital bed.

This would indicate that spirits do see the world in much the same way as they did before dying. But I am willing to bet that they are able to perceive much more, also! Auras, celestrial beings, other planes of existence, things which we can only imagine!

An aura is considered by many in the paranormal field to be an energy field that surrounds all living things. Do auras have any relationship to the conscious being and the spirit of humans?

I think that this all depends on what an aura is and how it relates to our consciousness. If the aura is what survives us after death, then spirits would certainly be able to discern various auras, since spirits may be constituted of auric energy. An aura is essentially an energy field, and it is generally viewed that spirits are made up of energy fields. When a spirit enters the auric  plane of existence, everything probably appears to be in its constituent energy state.

The question that arises is this:  Is an aura and spirit the same thing? Or are spirit and auras separarte, yet somehow related?  Since no one has an answer, one can only speculate here.

Auras have been thought to change color depending on the emotional state of the individual. If this is true, then the aura must be an extension of the spirit, a part of the consciousness of our being.

Perhaps the aura is the field boundary of the spirit, analogous to the membrane of the cell. The aura then is related to the spiritual domain, in that it is an extension of it.

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