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Picture A: There appears to be several mystery lights that are arching over the headstones in this cemetery. I took these photos on the night of  
Sunday, October 23, 2005.

Note that the light in the lower right corner is in front of the grave stone.  Compare this to Picture B, ( below) where I have drawn a line that indicates the edge of the stone.

Picture B: The mystery light in the right of the picture is located in the front of the headstone. I have drawn a blue line that indicates the edge of this headstone. This indicates how the mystery light is definitly in front.This places the other mystery lights, which have a similar shape and radiance, within this same area . ( i.e. within the graveyard, with all the lights lined up in an arched formation ).


Note: The camera was mounted to stabilize the image. Taken with a Nikon 4300 digital camera.

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