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 Cemetery Photos
Photos taken during my cemetery investigations
                                                                  Below:   " The Baby" 
Is this the soul of a baby? I found out later that this area of the cemetery was used to bury infants from a nearby hospital.
                                                          Copy 2 of DSCN1910.JPG  Copy 3 of DSCN1910.JPG   DSCN1910enlarged.JPG 
                                                                     Original Photo                                                    enlargements
Pictures taken on Sunday, October 23, 2005.

Picture A: There appears to be several luminaries that are arching over the metal structure which is erected over a fresh burial. The building in the background is a Health Clinic that is across the street from the cemetery.  Note the luminary in the lower right corner. Compare this to Picture B, where I have drawn a line that indicates the edge of the stone.


Picture B: The luminary in the right of the picture is located in the front of the headstone. I have drawn a blue line that indicates the edge of this headstone. This shows how the luminary is definitly in front.This places the other luminaries, which have a similar shape and radiance, within this same field in an arched formation.

                                                                                    DSCN1919copy.JPG (blue line superimposed)

Picture C: This is the right part of the same funerary structure. The luminaries are also present here and they are in the foreground.
( for the skeptics, there was no lighting affixed to this structure ) Also, if the lights were behind the structure, the structure frame would have partially blocked out these lights. This indicates that the lights are in front of the structure, where there are no man-made lights.

                                                                                    Copy of DSCN1919.JPG

Next set of pictures: also taken on Oct. 23, 2005. Notice in the picture below that two of the spheres are perfectly shaped and the one to the right is irregular.  The spheres are in front ot the tree, which has foilage too dense for light to penetrate.

                                                                                                   copy of DSCN1929.JPG


Below: An Enlargement of photos above
                                                                       copy 2 of DSCN1929.JPG

I returned to the cemetery on October 30, 2005 and I took the two pictures below. I used a mount and kept the camera in the exact same position for both shots. There is no luminary present in the first photo,then in the second photo a luminary appears as a brilliant light source that is football shaped!  The two pictures were taken only seconds apart.

                                                              DSCN1935.JPG   DSCN1934.JPG 



November 6, 2005: This photo was taken near the entrance of the cemetery. Notice that the strange lights are up higher than the parking lot lights across the street. I have determined that the strange lights are in front of the tall conifer tree, as  this much illumination could not filter through this densely foliated tree. Also, there appears to be a light trail streaming behind, whereas the street lamps are perfectly spherical with no distortion or similar light trails. This indicates that the camera was stable on its mount. Therefore, the appearance of the strange lights is not due to camera movement or distortion.
                                                            DSCN1952copy.JPG    DSCN1952.JPG



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