Diamond – Like UFO

Here is a UFO report that I received in 2010. The eyewitness made an excellent report of this electrifying experience.

We’re still trying to understand what we saw, and it helps to know someone else has seen things like this, too.  Whatever feedback you may have would be great – keep in touch.

Right after we saw this thing, my wife came in the house and started typing about our experience.  That’s when the big jet flew over, and I ran out of the house to look at it.

When I came back in, I sat down with my wife and we worked together to describe what happened.  We kept talking to each other about the details, trying to explain what we saw, and we couldn’t explain it, only talk about it.

I’ll let my wife type now!


Hi David –

First of all, let me preface this by saying I never thought I’d be saying or seeing anything like this, but I did, along with my husband, and we feel we should tell someone who won’t think we’ve gone off the deep end!  LOL

You may share our story if you want to, but we would strongly ask to remain anonymous. We could accurately be portrayed as a middle-aged (ugh! LOL) married couple in Modesto. My husband is a professional whose name is recognizable to those in his field, and I hope you understand and respect our need to remain anonymous to anyone other than yourself.

That being said, here’s what happened:  (pasted here from what I wrote directly after seeing whatever it was we saw.  Gabriel and I “compared notes” as I typed, and are in agreement with everything detailed in the following account.)

Thanks – looking forward to hearing any kind of feedback or insights or comparisons you may have about this –

Jan 13, 2010 approx. 11:20 pm PST, in Modesto , CA , my husband and I were in our backyard to take the dog out for the night.  The sky was very clear, and we were looking at the stars while waiting for the dog to “go potty.”

My husband suddenly said, “Look!  What IS that?” and pointed up, towards the NW sky, but somewhat overhead.

There was something flying very steadily, at a moderate speed – hard to say exactly how fast, not knowing how high the object really was, or how large it may have been, given unknown altitude.  But, we had the impression it was somewhat low-flying, and fairly large in size.

It was completely silent.

So much so, it was almost dream-like in a way.  It just didn’t “compute” that something could be doing that and not make a sound.

It was definitely not a balloon, moving too evenly and directly.  No “wobble” or any variance in its trajectory or speed – very smooth, perfectly straight line, perfectly consistent speed.  It flew directly over us on its path.  I have no doubt whatsoever it was moving of its own power. And this is hard to explain, but it was as if it was maintaining its level, speed and smoothness with no effort – as if gravity, air resistance or any of our conventional laws of physics were not an issue, if that makes any sense.

There were no definite lights, however the entire object was dimly luminous.  It was certainly the source of the light itself, it was not a reflection or a beam of light. Nor did it project any illumination or beam of light.  It just was kind of phosphorescent.  There were no visible markings at all.  It was not really bright, but sort of similar to how a light looks when turned low on a dimmer switch, or even less.  It didn’t have finely exact definite edges – it was dim enough to appear somewhat diffuse, though the shape was completely discernable, and incomparable to anything known.  And it was definitely a solid object.

The shape is difficult to describe – somewhat diamond gem shaped, but more rounded, sort of like a horseshoe crab shape without the tail.  We both had the impression we were looking at the bottom of the object without being able to see the sides.  The same perspective one would have if they held a plate or bowl overhead and could only see the bottom.

The object continued on an absolutely straight path, traveling SE, and eventually we lost sight of it, after about 30 or 40 seconds from initially sighting it.

What’s strange, now that I consider it, is that it did not change in dimension, in other words, as it got further away, it didn’t necessarily get commensurately smaller as one would expect from normal perspective, yet we both perceived it getting further away.  Very hard to explain.  But, it was as if it finally went out of sight more as a result of not being able to see its luminosity from that distance anymore, as opposed to it getting smaller and smaller.

Oddly, I feel as if its shape did not change commensurately either, the further away it got, it did not appear to become more elliptical, as one would expect something of that shape to do in normal circumstances.  Nor did we perceive seeing “sides” or a “top” to it as one may expect.  Yet, somehow, we knew it was not paper-thin, we knew we were seeing the bottom of an object of undeterminable overall multiple dimensions.  Very, very difficult to explain adequately.

Although my husband kept asking me, “What is it?” and I kept answering, “I don’t know!” we were both calm during the “event” – no feeling of fear or panic, more so a feeling of wondering or awe.  My husband felt it was a feeling of excitement, I felt strangely calm, but in wonderment.  It is only now, after the fact, that we are somewhat agitated, a little fearful I guess, and somewhat bewildered.  Like our logical minds are seeking an explanation.

Something else odd – an estimated 8 to 10 minutes after our experience, a huge jet, definitely not a commercial passenger jet, flew over really low and fast, and was very, very loud.  We NEVER have anything like this in our area – only small planes, little commuter jets upon occasion, or commercial jets flying really high.  This thing sounded like a rocket or fighter jet, and was flying really low.  We had just come in the house, and upon hearing how loud this jet was, my husband ran back outside to see it.  He said that it went south, and then abruptly circled easterly, and then turned SE, and continued in the very direction we saw the object fly.  We just thought that was weird, especially considering what we had just seen.

So – that’s the story!

As fantastic as it sounds, I know what we saw, and have absolutely no idea what it was, and absolutely no doubt it was NOT anything conventional possibilities can explain.  It was like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life.