Energy of Ghosts

Ghosts and Energy

R. David Anderson

If ghosts exist then they must be able to maintain some level of energy in order to manifest into the physical world. What kind of energy is this and where does it originate?

Science fiction has often toyed with inter-dimensional travel in books and movies. Stargate depicted humans and aliens zipping across the universe through portals that interconnected other worlds. The portals made instantaneous travel possible within an energy vortex, which superseded the material universe and known laws of physics.

The possibility of a non material universe, or higher dimensions has been postulated by ancient philosophers and modern scientists.

Plato envisioned a heavenly realm of higher reality consisting of forms, ideas, and ideals ordered in a state of absolute perfection. This view of reality influenced early Christianity.

Plato believed in the principal of the immortal soul. In this construct, the soul continues beyond the grave, and also exists before we are born. Therefore the immortal soul abides separate from the body. A human being as the immortal soul can migrate at will once released from the constraints of the body.

An afterlife may be possible if certain conditions occur at some level. The existence of a multiple dimensional universe may help to explain now a ghost can exist in a non material form.

The ghost in this model exists outside of our reality, in a parallel continuum. From there, a ghost may be able to manifest itself into the material world through a portal: an energy vortex that interconnects various dimensions.

In my view, a ghost must be able to tap some energy source in order to open and maintain this flow of energy within the portal. Therefore, a ghost can only appear for a limited time before its energy is depleted and it fades away since this energy is limited in our space/time.

The dynamic of string theory can only function within a multi dimensional universe. The diverse calculations of string theory can’t work in a four dimensional context. At least ten or more dimensions are required to maintain its stability.

If string theory is correct, then this means that our universe is dependent upon at least ten dimensions in order to exist. Therefore, according to this theory, the reality we perceive is only the tip of the iceberg.

Other forms of energy, including dark energy, probably exist at each level of this multi-dimensional universe. Black holes and quasars may be caused by the undercurrents of this energy transference. Imagine the potential if we could tap into this energy source.

Do ghosts exist within other dimensional planes? Can our immortal souls reside in another plane of existence, and on occasion return to this reality as transcendental beings?

Perhaps when ghosts manifest into our world this energy transference takes place at some level. Ghost researchers have found that ghosts emanate electromagnetic energy fields. When investigating haunted locations, EM meters go off the scale as a ghost apparition occurs.

Ghost formation may be related to inter-dimensional space time. I think that spirits are able to project their energy through the time/space continuum through the dynamics of energy fields.

We can encounter a ghost presence when we either sense them or detect the energy sequence that enters our time/space continuum from the spirits own time. I think that the spirit is able to project their presence and enter the present through an inter-dimensional portal that connects the higher dimensions to our extant time.

Researchers have identified two types of hauntings: residual and interactive.

In a residual haunting, the apparition appears in the exact same location and performs the same task repetitively, like a recording being replayed over and over. One theory explains this type of haunting as being caused by minerals or quartz in conjunction with atmospheric conditions, which can project energy from the past in terms of an imprint of a very emotional event that occurred long ago.

In this type of manifestation, the apparition does not interact in our time, but as though they were still in theirs. The ghost will seem distant and focused on a door or stairs that no longer exist in our time.

An interactive haunting occurs when the apparition reacts to its surroundings, looks at you or may even speak to you. When this ghost appears it seems to pull energy from the environment in order to manifest and interact in place and time. There may be a temperature drop of 10 to 20 degrees as the apparition is seen or detected. It is as though heat energy is being pulled from the environment as the entity manifests. Batteries, phones, lights, and many other electronic devices seem to go dead, drained of power as the ghost appears.

The key to ghost manifestation is energy. Somehow the ghost affects energy in the surrounding environment, either by draining energy from it or negating it altogether. The energy vortex through which the ghost travels may counteract sources of energy in our physical reality.

It’s almost like something is stirring around, sort of like a kettle of stew that is about to boil. When something is about to manifest from the spirit world into our existence, the surrounding air becomes charged with energy, and this will show up at this point in time as a sort of a mist, like globs of polarized cells that rotate in flux within the energy field.

This is like a form of energy exchange taking place as the spirits enter our existential state. It is the formation of a portal within a vortex field, from a place where spirits may abound, the twilight zone into the great beyond.

Paranormal intrusion into our perceptive range may be detected in the surrounding areas. These effects may include EM field generation, temp fluctuations, possibly accompanied by a pocket of energy which surrounds the intrusion.

The action of the ghost formation is not always easy to detect. It may show up as a distorted area in a photo or live cam, sometimes called matrixing. This area of distortion may be caused by the energy that enters our space/time continuum from an transcendent source from another plane of existence.

I think that when we die, we are able to partake of a stream of energy that emanates from another dimension. This gives the soul certain abilities to travel vast distances in a micro-second, to go through walls, and to project itself into the time/space continuum.

That flickering light or chill in a certain area of your house may be from your resident ghost.