Ghost Girl on the RR Tracks

Ghost Girl on the Tracks

I saw a ghost in 1998. I was working the graveyard shift as a security guard over summer vacation ( I am a teacher, and I work these jobs sometimes during the summer break ) I was making my rounds out at the Hunts cannery in Oakdale, CA, at about 1:30 am. It was a dark calm night in late July. My rounds took me way out along the perimeter of a huge parking lot, and I had to cross a railroad track to check out the pumping station. I was returning from the pump station and I was about to cross back over the tracks when I heard a girl’s voice to my right .

The voice was coming from up the tracks, and I looked in this direction. Suddenly I saw a teenage girl wearing a white dress coming towards me. She was counting each rail in the track as she moved closer. She seemed very happy as she skipped barefoot, continuing to count each rail. She had long blond hair and was skinny. She was medium height ( about 5ft 6 ) and very attractive.

As she came nearer ( about 15 feet away) she looked up at me, and giggled. Then she said ” Oh, no, I lost count!” Then she looked back down , and began to count rails again . I saw her going down the tracks in the opposite direction from which she had come, now once again counting ” 1, 2, 3,” and so on. When she got to about ten, her form began to fade, and when she was a little further, all I could make out was a sort of mist that looked to be luminescent.

This glowing mist just hung there for about 5 minutes. I stared in disbelief at this glowing mist. Suddenly, I began to realize that I had seen a ghost.

I went over to the platform above the tracks to get a better view of the glowing mist. It began to fade away.

I needed to get back on my rounds because I was on a tracking system where I had to be in certain zones at a certain time interval. But the strange thing is, I was not terrified during this entire incident. And when I did finally realize that I had seen a ghost, I was more curious than afraid.

Who was this young lady and where did she come from? Her long white dress was not something a modern girl would wear. Her dress style was more relevant to the 1920’s or 1930’s.

I remember when I started my job at this cannery, a female security guard quit after her first night there alone. She told me that she heard voices in the plant as she made her rounds. At first I did not believer her, but now I know that place is haunted by many spirits of yesteryear.