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The Process of Ghost Manifestation

  A ghost can be seen either as transparent or non transparent ( solid like ), and it  is often able to project much detail  to us. I am beginning to believe that a spirit may be able to maintain itself at peak strenght for only a short period of time, perhaps for only a few seconds. That is probably why in the majority of ghost sightings, the spirit fades away quickly after a brief encounter. The ghost is at its clearest and higest definition of form and clarity of detail as it reaches this peak strenght.  It probably takes momentous energy for the spirit to manifest into our realm of reality, and for the spirit to maintain peak intensity. Space/time distortions are likely to occur in the area of the manifestation. If spirits exist in another dimension as is believed, then there are differential properties of energy states in this other dimension. That energy must enter into our existence in some form of transposition.
The question remains as to how a spirit is able to manifest within the physical world. It is possible that spirits enter our reality through a streaming time  portal. This interdimensional portal becomes a passageway between the spirit realm and the physical world.  The spirit realm may actually be a higher dimension. So this may also be called an interdimensional passage. This suggests that spirits are able to travel from this higer dimension into our world. An interdimensional  portal is present whenever there is increased spirit activity in a certain location.  The  interdimensional portal consists of energy that emanates from the higer dimension, from some point of amplified field confluence. The dynamics of this amplified field can alter the normal state of physical existence. Thus many signs could preclude the manifestation of a spirit, like flucuations of energy, magnetic interference, lights switching on or off, static on communication devices. There might even be a mist or fog which envelops the spirit as it enters into our realm of existence. But it seems as though this influx of otherworldly energy is only for a limited time, as it peaks and then wanes altogether.

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