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Ghostly Voices at the Oakdale Hunt's Cannery

This is not about EVP ghost recordings, but about voices that I actually heard on a dark night about ten years ago.

I was between teaching jobs, and I had just began a new job as a night watchman at the Oakdale Hunt's processing plant. I was to relieve the guard at the post at 11 pm, and take over the graveyard shift.The plant was shut down, as it was still off season. It was a secured plant, and there was absolutely no one allowed on the premises except one guard.

When I got there the female guard, also new on the job, seem pretty upset. She told me that she had been hearing strange sounds at the plant all night, doors slamming, laughing, and moans. She ran out of the guard house, and looking over her shoulder, she told me, "I quit! Good luck."

I thought that she was just trying to scare me, some kind of joke. I sat down at the desk in the guard house, tapping a pencil, thinking to myself that the female guard probably couldn't handle the job and was looking for an excuse to quit.

I went out on my rounds of the plant. By now it was probably around midnight. I went through the plant, the warehouse, the tank farm, and the grounds. The rounds would take about 45 minutes to complete. I arrived back at the guard house and sat back down behind the desk. There seemed to be nothing unusual, everything was quiet. I was beginning to think that the female guard was just a little bit crazed.

At about 1ock am, I made my second rounds of the plant. Sure there were a few knocks and other sounds like pipes being tapped upon, but this was normal. I got back to the guard house and sat down, opened my thermos and had a cup of hot coffee.

I glanced down at the intercom that was on the side of the desk. There were many buttons on this intercom. Each button was for a different area in the plant, and you were able to talk and listen once you pressed the button for that room. This intercom was rarely used, We now had radios.

I decided to press one of the buttons just for the heck of it. I pressed a button that was labeled " office". Immediatly I heard sounds coming from the intercom speaker. There was the sound of papers being rustled, as though there were someone in the room. I was shocked. I knew that there could not be anyone in the offices, the plant was completely shut down and all employess had signed out days ago. What was this?

Then I heard what sounded like a desk drawer opening and closing. I began to tremble as I sat there and listened, my eyes wide open in disbelief. Then I heard a man's voice. He spoke clearly, and I remember the words to this day. He said, " Now where did I put that? I know it was right here...." then his voice trailed off.

I quickly shut off the intercom. I stared at it for what must have been five minutes. I was beginning to think that the female guard was right, this place was haunted. I stared at the intercom. Slowly I moved my finger towards the next button, then I pressed it down.

It was the button labeled "cafeteria". I could hear men's voices. These voices were muffled and difficult to understand. The voices faded out fast, but I could tell that there were at least two men talking. Then it was silent. I shut off the intercom again.

This was just incredible. I had just pressed two buttons on the intercom and heard voices from both locations. I now felt cold, and a shiver ran down my spine.

I pressed a third button. I heard a screeching sound, like a owl, and then a woman's voice. She seemed to be distraught. It was a voice that sounded so forsaken, so alone. Then I heard what sounded like a baby crying.

I turned off the intercom. I never turned it on again.

I never told anyone about what had happened at the plant. I was afraid that if I did, they would give me my walking papers.

A few days later, as I showed up for swing shift, my supervisor told me to never go into the plant or warehouse without turning on all of the lights first. I looked at his face, and he was sternly serious. "Just turn on all of the lights," he was saying. Then he showed me where all of the panels were for the lights.

A few months later, a long time worker at the plant told me that almost every night, there would be a spill of cans out in the middle of the same aisle in the warehouse. He said that many years ago, a worker was killed in an accident. He showed me the bent beam where he had collided into it with his fork lift.

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