Ghosts on Camera

Here are images of Ghosts that I capped off many different web cams

Old Man in the Star Chamber Ordsall Hall, Salford, England
Screaming Boy Cap from Llancaiach Fawr Manor Wales
Ghost Girl Cap from Ordsall Hall, Salford, England
From the Abandoned Hospital Cam – A Girl Ghost

This Ghost Girl Showed Up in a DIY Post on FB ( not my cap )

From Uberlingen, Germany. Ghost Lady of Bodensee
Cap From the Star Chamber of Ordsall Hall, Salford England – Smiling Girl
Ordsall Hall England Boy in Suspenders and hands in pockets
Ghost Girl Sticking out Her Tongue from Llancaiach Fawr Manor S E Wales
Ghost Girl with Alien Features Star Chamber Ordsall Hall
Meersburg Germany Man Ghost from the Middle Ages
Meersburg Germany German Soldier Side View of Face
Llancaiach Fawr Manor S E Wales John of Llancaiach
Caerphilly S E Wales Face of a Ghost Boy
A Pretty Ghost Girl in Star Chamber of Ordsall Hall
Ghost Girl in Star Chamber
Townley Hall in England – A Grim – Faced Man
Llancaiach Fawr Manor Wales Man Ghost
Ghost Girl Holding a Flute at Llancaiach Fawr Manor Caerphilly Wales
Ordsall Hall Salford England Ghost of Old Man
Ordsall Hall Salford England Man Ghost Top Hat and Smoking a Pipe
Wyowatch’s Cap From Ordsall Hall “James”
Willard Library Ghost Cam Ghost in the Doorway
Ordsall Hall Man Ghost Next to the Chest
Ordsall Hall Ghost Activity in the Hall
Ordsall Hall Girl Ghosts Await Disciplinary Action
Ghost Girl Ponders at Ordsall Hall Renovations
Star Chamber During Renovations A Girl Ghost
Irish Kevin’s Bar Key West Florida Man Ghost Looking Up the Street