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Helicopters and UFOs                                 

I took this picture in August 2005. There are several things about this picture that are difficult to explain. I remember that on this night , there was a lot of helicopter activity, and as I took the picture these helicopters converged on an area where I had seen a single flash of light. ( I have watched this many times on summer nights, where a single flash occurs in the night sky, and then the flash may occur later in a different part of the sky )

I think that the lights at the top and bottom of the image are from helicopters. But here are my questions: Why do the lower series of lights loop like that? I don't think that a helicopter could turn that fast.....or is this an airplane instead? The top series of lights do appear to be a helicopter, with the lights all in a straight line. This leads to my next question: Why are these lights individual points of light? This image was a time exposure. In a time exposure, the lights of airplanes, cars, etc, are streaked at night. The lights are obviously not streaked here, as though they were stationary; yet that is impossible. Perhaps someone with a background in avaiation can explain this.

The small luminous object in the center of the photo is unidentified. It seems to be shaped like a small cigar. This may be the same object that I had seen flash earlier, before the helicpoters/planes moved in pursuit. ( I know that at least one was a helicopter, because I could hear its motor )
Date of incident: August 6, 2005
Location of activity: South of my residence
Time: 9:50 pm
Conditions: A calm, clear, moonless night
Equipment Used: Nikon 4300 on 5 second time exposure, camera mounted on tripod

Below: A description of what I think is happening in the picure above ( the UFO is in the center of the activity ) and an enlarged view of the UFO is next to it.

                        Copy of Copy of DSCN1727.JPG  Copy 2 of DSCN1727.JPG  \
                                                                                   UFO enlargement with auto enhancement

This is photographic evidence that our military and government knows a lot more about UFO activity than they have ever publicly admitted. They are chasing UFOs with fighter jets and helicopters. This has been going on for a long time. Isn't it about time that our government shares this information with the public and affirms the existence UFOs ?

The picture below is also of a large helicopter that went over my residence. Normally, in a time exposure photograph,  the helicopter's lights should become streaked as is seen in this picture. The helicopter in this picture below was in the same general location and on the same course as the other 'choppers seen above. Why are the lights on the helicopters above individual points of light while the one below is skewed?  The difference between the photos above and this one is that there is one or more UFOs present in the previous photos. Did the presence of the UFO somehow cause the lights to become points of light?

 One possible explaination is that the UFOs created a warp in space/time. This could have negated time, and thus eliminated the effects of movement. This could then be photographic evidence that space/time warping does occur.



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