I have had many dreams and visions concerning future events. Many of my dreams and visions have happened, such as Hurricane Katrina and 9-11 in New York City. Here is a documentation of my dreams and visions, and a description of the event.
 Dream: Iran to mobilize against ISIS A major war will occur in Asia, possibly involving N. Korea, China, and Western countries.

 Dream: Another earthquake in Hawaii, a more severe earthquake, within the next several years, or earlier

 Dreams/Visions: A major earthquake in Los Angeles. This will cause widespread damage with possible high loss of life

 Dream: An earthquake will cause the Shasta Dam near Redding, California to rupture and break, causing flooding in the Sacramento River basin all the way to the city of Sacramento.

 Dream: The collapse of a major sports stadium during a game. About 1/8 of the stadium collapses. This will probably occur in the U.S.A.

 Vision: An explosion in the town of Hartford, Illinois. This may be from a refinery.

 Dreams: Major floods in the Mississippi River basin,in California, in France and Spain

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