The Story of the ISS Cluster UFOs

On Saturday, April 4, 2020 I saw for the first time what I call the cluster UFOs. I had been watching the ISS Earth Cam many days and nights before this and had seen nothing. I watched intently though February and March, knowing that there had been many recent images of UFOs from this web cam, one where a UFO shadowed the space station for 20 minutes. When a UFO showed up, the live feed would be lost.

The space station was over the horn of South America when the UFO clusters suddenly appeared. I was excited to see this, and my hand shook as I reached for the mouse and clicked to save the first image.  The first cluster seemed to move from the top of the picture towards the bottom, but it only appeared to move as the space station went along its orbital path. I think that the UFOs were not moving rapidly in any direction, and perhaps they were hovering.

I saved two images the first night. There was only about 15 seconds to click and save.

After that, on several consecutive nights, I waited until the space station was in the same location and to my surprise the UFO clusters were there right on schedule! I saved additional images of the UFO clusters again on the nights of April 8th, 9th, 12th and 13th. Each time the clusters were near the same location but aligned in a different formation.

I have surmised that the UFO clusters were located somewhere along the peninsula of Antarctica. In most of the images, the clusters appear in the far right of the field of view. With the space station above the Southern tip of South America, at an altitude of 254 miles, objects on the right side of the field of view must have been at least 600 or more miles away toward the South. A straight line from the center of the field of view to the far right where the clusters often appeared would put the location near the coast of Antarctica where there are several base installations.

There are reports out there in UFO circles that there are alien UFO bases in Antarctica, and a treasure trove of highly advanced technology to be assimilated. There is further speculation that the United States is conducting tests of star wars weapons there. A quick Google search will bring up all kinds of strange accounts about hidden truths concerning this mysterious continent on the bottom of the world.

These images which I have taken from the ISS web cam contribute evidence that unusual things are indeed happening there on the frozen continent. Whatever it is, it has certainly attracted the attention of someone – perhaps a more advanced civilization with high stakes on this planet. Are they watching?

Okay, there can be no doubt that these objects are intelligently construed and controlled. In one of the images, the UFOs spiral in two strands and appear to move towards other objects that are in a multitude of formations. It is as though this large UFO cluster represents a staging area, and they appear to be charging with energy which surrounds the area.

Do you think that our top secret operatives of the United States has noticed this?

A few days after I had saved these images from the ISS web cam, two stealth fighter jets flew directly over me at extremely low altitude as I sat in my back yard. I saw these jets fly over on several other occasions, even once when I was out walking my dogs. Then at night a large truck flashed a brilliant light into the widows of my house as I sat at my desktop computer.

My images were stolen by certain Russian web sites. I have ear marked them with copyright notices. Here they are, all or most of the ISS web cam images that I saw on the ISS web cam, back in early April 2020.

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