UFO Photos

These are pictures of UFOs that I have taken over the years

Night UFOS

I took this photo back in 2004 from my backyard. To the naked eye it looked like a bright star. The picture was taken with a telephoto lens. Below is an enlargement.


This UFO was brilliant and moving upwards. Photo from my backyard 2004
These were helicopters and planes chasing a UFO. The UFO is the small luminous area between the helicopters and planes.
I took this photo in my backyard in July 2020. This may be a “rod”
Cluster UFOs or Fleet UFOs. Image saved from the ISS Web Cam ( see Antarctica Clusters UFO Page )
UFO moving in a zig zag pattern. Photo From my Backyard 2005
“String of Pearls” UFO Moving in the Constellation Corona Photo From my Backyard 2005
UFOs Streak Across the Night Sky Photo from my Backyard 2007
String of Pearls UFO 2007 Photo from my Backyard
UFO Clusters Over Antarctica Image from ISS web cam From April 2020
Unidentified Object Near My House Oct 2020
Chem Trails and Spherical UFO Photo From My Backyard 2006
Sphere Shaped UFO Photo 2006 From my Backyard